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As a professional translation agency, Double Dutch can’t avoid the legal matters that accompany commercial services and having a website. And in the ‘small print’ we try to be clear, too. Which is why we have chopped this up into manageable pieces. Our small print has three sections:

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© 2011 – All rights reserved – Double Dutch, Eindhoven.

The conditions in this disclaimer apply to all sections of the Double Dutch website. Double Dutch is the proprietor and publisher of this website and of the information offered on this website. This website and disclaimer are governed by Dutch law. If you visit/use this website from a country other than the Netherlands, you are responsible for observing local legislation. Please read this disclaimer carefully. Using this website entails agreement with the stipulations in this disclaimer.

Accuracy of the information

The data on this website are intended as general information. Use of the information offered is at the user’s own expense and risk at all times. Double Dutch has compiled this website with the greatest of care. We do, however, understand that people sometimes make mistakes. Should there be any information on this website that is incorrect, we apologise. We would be grateful to you if you could indicate the information concerned. We will then make sure that everything is corrected and/or adapted as soon as possible. Any other comments or remarks are more than welcome! Please send an email to our webmaster. Thank you!

Double Dutch always strives to provide its website visitors with accurate and up-to-date information at all times. We can, however, not always guarantee that the information is correct, complete or current. Double Dutch accepts no liability for any loss due to inaccuracies and/or dated information. The copyright of any information that is accessible through the links rests on the owner of the particular pages. This also applies to trademarks and logos used. Double Dutch is not responsible for the content of the websites to which is referred. No rights can be derived from any information shown on this website or to be downloaded from this website. Abuse will be brought before the competent court. All the information on this website, in whichever form (e.g. texts, illustrations and files to be downloaded), is and will remain Double Dutch’ property, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Changes to the website

Double Dutch cannot guarantee the accurate and/or uninterrupted performance of this website. At its own discretion, with or without prior notice, Double Dutch may have this website changed or change it, have it terminated or terminate it at any given moment. Double Dutch is not liable for the consequences of any change or termination.

Storage for own use

The information on this website may be stored for own use by the user. Apart from this, none of the information shown on this website or to be downloaded from this website may be multiplied, stored in computerised data files, in any way or any form, either digitally/electronically, mechanically by photocopy, recordings or any other way, without prior permission in writing from Double Dutch. The information that Double Dutch provides on this website may of course be used as a source for the free gathering of news.


The Double Dutch website can be visited anonymously. However, Double Dutch would like to get a picture of the number of visitors to this website and of which pages are visited specifically. Only numbers are considered, not who has visited the Double Dutch website. Your details consequently remain anonymous.


You will protect and indemnify Double Dutch, its staff and the author of this disclaimer against any judicial and extrajudicial measures, judgments and such like, including the costs for legal assistance, accountants and such like that have been instituted as a result of or related to your use of this website, your infringement of whichever statutory regulation or third parties’ rights.


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Questions, remarks, complaints

If you have a question, remark or complaint regarding this website, please contact us at:

Double Dutch
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Or send us an email:

Privacy statement

When offering the services on this website, Double Dutch may process visitor information. This information concerns the so-called ‘personal data’. More information about this can be found below. Double Dutch prepared this privacy statement for itself. It is Double Dutch’ intention to handle your information with due care.

Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (Personal Data Protection Act)

Double Dutch observes the applicable Dutch Personal Data Protection Act (Dutch acronym WBP) and the European guidelines in the area of privacy.

Details for getting in touch with you

If you request information from Double Dutch by e-mail or enquiry form, these details will be used for getting in touch with you. If you have supplied information to Double Dutch this way, you may receive a mail-out or you might be approached by telephone.

Dissemination of personal data

You are not obliged to supply personal data to Double Dutch through this website. You always have a choice as to whether or not you wish to enter these data. The entry of personal data is not necessary for the use of a number of services on this website. For the use of other services, Double Dutch does require you to enter your details. If you do not do this, you might not be able to use certain sections or services on this website.

Handling personal details

Offering services through our website might entail processing your personal data. These include name and address details and data concerning date of birth, sex and e-mail address. These data may be known to Double Dutch because you have indicated that certain subjects interest you. It goes without saying that Double Dutch will handle your personal data with due care. We process these data first and foremost to offer you services, products and/or information and to adapt them to your wishes and requirements in more detail.


Unfortunately, websites are hacked quite regularly. Successful hacking might result in user and visitor data being publicised. Double Dutch does its utmost to prevent its website from being hacked. For this reason, Double Dutch records which computers use its website. Any illegal access attempts to the Double Dutch systems are also being monitored continuously. The recorded data are not kept any longer than required for sound security.

Your rights

We want to be transparent about the way in which we handle your personal data. This privacy statement is intended as a contribution to this. If, however, you have questions concerning the way in which Double Dutch handles your personal data, you are more than welcome to send us an e-mail.


We might use so-called ‘cookies’ to enhance the performance of our website. These are small text files that are saved on your hard disk or in your computer memory. Cookies are used, for example, to record any preferences that you might have set for a particular service or web page. If it is not necessary to save personal data in a cookie, Double Dutch will not do this. Cookies cannot damage your computer or the files on your computer. If you do not wish to accept cookies, please indicate this in your browser. More information is available with your browser’s manufacturer. If you switch off the acceptance of cookies, it is possible that you might not be able to use certain features or services on the Double Dutch website (any longer).

Right to amendment of the privacy statement

Double Dutch reserves the right to amend this privacy statement. Each amendment will be published on this page. Double Dutch advises you to regularly check this page for amendments.

General terms and conditions

The General Terms and Conditions for the Netherlands Association of Translation Companies (VVIN) apply to all work performed by Double Dutch. These terms and conditions have been filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Utrecht under number 4131. Alternatively, you can look at our own version here (pdf file). We will send you these terms and conditions upon your first request. If you would like to know more about VVIN, please visit